Well guys…I finally caved and decided to start a blog! There’s a few reasons I wanted to start one and I’ve always put it off or just haven’t gotten the courage to actually do it. Here I am though, and I’m starting our blog – 7th Street Lips – and we’ll see how it goes!

First off, thanks for joining me! I can’t promise this is going to be a perfect happy-go-lucky blog with me and my family or make everything happy. I plan to be my real self and have this blog to have some fun!

First I’ll introduce myself. My name is Chelsie Medina. I was born in Provo, Utah on September 19th when my parents were going to BYU – so I guess you could say I’m a BYU-baby, haha! Anywho, I lived there for about 6 weeks once I was born and then moved down to Phoenix, Arizona!!! I am a true desert rat and love the heat! I know, crazy, right?! But I really do love 100 degree dry heat, swimming, hiking, cacti, and all things desert! I’ve lived in the West Valley of the Phoenix area my whole life though, so if you know the Mesa area (the East Valley), that’s like an hour drive or more where I’m from (but we sure do go over there a lot). The town I call home though, that would be BUCKEYE! The best place ever! We moved there when I was about 9 years old and my family has stayed there since. I’ve met my best friends, husband, and many other people in that town. I say town, but really it’s a city. It just feels like a town compared to the Phoenix area.


A brief version of my husband and our story: I met my amazing husband Jeffrey Medina – who I’ll talk about a lot here – at a church FHE activity in our Bishop’s backyard. I knew who he was, but had never talked to him before. One of his sister’s was my YCL at our church’s girls camp and his other sister was my church’s Young Women’s leader. So that night’s activity was Jeff’s first activity he had been to since he came home from serving a mission for our church (if you don’t know, I’m LDS and love being a member of this church. Go to mormon.org for  more information about our church. But I will be talking about being Mormon on here as well) in Querétaro, Mexico for 2 years. He was so nervous and hadn’t talked to girls in so long that when we first met, he wouldn’t even look me in the eyes and shook my hand to greet me. HAHA! We met that night, started talking, and the rest is history! We were pretty much inseparable since. We went on our first date a couple weeks later to the Phoenix Temple Open House and went out to eat at the best Italian place ever – Babbo’s (seriously…if you are every in Northern Phoenix, go HERE, it’s DELICIOUS!). A few months later we went to the Phoenix Temple to do Baptisms and instead Jeff had a whole ordeal planned! I thought we were doing baptisms, but instead he PROPOSED! So, we had our first date at the Phoenix Temple, got engaged at the Phoenix Temple, and then a few months later we were married in the Phoenix Temple. See…I said this was the brief version, but it may have still seemed long to you. Well I have a hard time knowing when I’m giving too much detail. But that’s why we are going to have fun here!! We were married June 13th, 2015…so this June is our 2 year anniversary! And guess what?!

June 12th is when we are due with our little boy Leonardo Jay Medina! Can you believe we are due the day before our anniversary?! We are so excited and can’t wait to meet Little Leo! Right now we are getting his room ready (I’ll have an update of his room when I finish) and just having fun spending time together just the two of us. Sometimes I still can’t believe there is going to be more than just the two of us in our little apartment.


Speaking of apartment…

When Jeff and I got married, a few months later (September of 2015) we moved up to Rexburg, Idaho to go to BYU-Idaho! We’re still here and have loved it. We sure do miss family, but we make sure to visit home as much as we can (it’s so convenient and nice that Jeff and I are from the same town and our parents live 5 MINUTES from each other!). We’ve been here for almost 2 years this fall, but we still have 2 more years to go till we are done…and then more school after that. So when we came up here I originally was going to school for Graphic Design. Things happened, my ideas changed, our goals changed, and I am now graduated with my Associate’s in General Studies as of 2 weeks ago!! I decided to get my Associate’s and go back to school (maybe) in a few years. Right now, I’m focusing on staying home with our little boy when he’s born and do my dream job – be a stay-at-home mom! While I get to be a stay-at-home mom, Jeff will be going to school for 2 more years here for his undergrad and then 3-4 more years of school pursuing his dream of becoming a Pharmacist! I’m so excited for him and he has done so well. It’s hard sometimes because he’s always doing classes or working, but I am so grateful for him and all that he does to work hard for our family!

Some of my favorite things: favorite food is Italian, Mexican and Chinese (in that order); favorite movie is Tangled (#1 favorite) and MANY others; favorite song is Budapest by George Ezra and movie soundtracks; favorite color is purple and blue

Some of my hobbies: playing the piano, crafting, sewing, cooking, baking, decorating/interior design, diy projects, etc.

That’s me in a nutshell! Not much to it, but I am so excited to do this blog and thought this was a good place to start.


As for why I’m doing this or what I want to do? Well…my biggest reason for starting this is because I want to document the rest of this pregnancy and Leonardo’s life. I’ve never been too good at writing in a journal, but I thought this would be a perfect place to have one like it to look back on memories and see how our family has grown. Another reason I started this is because I LOVE to sew and do DIY projects/crafts! I wanted to come here to share with you guys things I do or make! But, as for the name of my blog – 7th Street Diary – I came up with it when I was thinking of different names. I thought this was was sweet and a good memory since we live on 7th Street and would be a sweet reminder of the first place Jeff and I lived that’s our own (well a rented apartment, but you get the idea)!

So here we go on this journey and I hope to have fun here and get to know you guys! If you ever have questions or want to know more, just comment on my blog posts or contact me and we can talk! Love you guys!!



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