The Truth About My Pregnancy

I am so excited for this little bundle of joy to come into our lives and make us a family of three in June! I can’t wait to see his cute widdle (hehe) feet and hands and watch him yawn his way to sleep. Yes I know it’s not going to be easy, there’s going to be sleepless nights, tons of poopy diapers, screaming fits, but it’s going to be so worth it in the end! Before I get ahead of myself and start driving myself crazy with how Leo isn’t HERE yet, I wanted to reminisce this pregnancy.

When we found out we were pregnant back in October, I was so excited! We had been trying and I had always planned on doing some cute announcement or surprise for Jeff telling him we were pregnant. Well when mother nature decided not to pay a visit, I started getting antsy and excited, but also worried. I had peed on several pregnancy sticks leading up to October constantly thinking or telling myself that I KNEW I was pregnant – but I never was. So I really didn’t want to have that happen again. I waited a little while and then decided to finally take the test…and to my surprise…it came back POSITIVE!!!!! I was SO excited I couldn’t wait to tell Jeffrey. As a matter of fact, I woke up at 7 in the morning (that’s early for me haha) to take a pregnancy test and Jeff was about to leave for an early class at school. So I rushed out of the bathroom, ran to Jeff and started crying because I was so happy and showed him the positive stick! He was smiling so big and was so excited! We had names picked out since we had been engaged and could not wait for this to happen and couldn’t believe it was happening!


The weeks went by and the morning sickness kicked in. Ugh!!! I mean, I always heard people talk about morning sickness, heck my mom had it the worst! I was so scared I was going to have it really bad like my mom, thank goodness I didn’t, but I still had it bad. I couldn’t keep anything down, I was constantly running to the bathroom, the toilet and I became best friends and everything in sight looked disgusting. It wasn’t just every once in a while, it was EVERYDAY! My morning sickness didn’t go away until I was 21 weeks along (5 months along). Right?! I thought it was supposed to be gone once I hit the second trimester. Well news flash…the morning sickness went away but my nausea came back a couple weeks later and is STILL here!

Medina maternity no kh-8556Medina maternity no kh-8505

More weeks went by and Jeff and I were getting anxious to know what our little miracle was going to be. Jeff and I were sure we were having a girl. We had a name picked out and knew exactly what we were going to do for the nursery. We went to the doctor and went in for the ultrasound and we were smiling so much and couldn’t wait to find out. The ultrasound tech was telling us, “Just bear with me, it might take a little while to find out the gender.” She put the ultrasound stick on my belly and immediately you could see a sign of manhood (hehe)! It was like he was sitting naked, criss-crossed on a piece of glass and we were looking straight up from underneath him. The tech said, “Oh! Nevermind…it’s right there, you’re having a boy!” We were so excited to find out! Everything we imagined it was going to be changed, but it changed for the better! Our little boy was coming into our family and was measuring right on time. Leonardo Jay Medina is going to be his name.

We picked Leonardo because I LOVE art history. I was originally a Graphic Design/Art major, so I took about 2 years of Art History and loved it! I absolutely love and adore Leonardo da Vinci – he was an amazing man. When we were thinking of names, it just popped in my head and I asked Jeff what he thought and he fell in love and we’ve kept falling in love with the name every since. As for his middle name – Jay – Jeff has never liked passing down names (like Jeff Jr. for instance), but I do. So we though of Jay for Jeffrey and we loved it. We couldn’t think of anything else anyway so we stuck with it and thought it sounded perfect with Leonardo.


I got to go home to Arizona and visit family and friends for a week and my mom and best friend threw my a baby shower! It was so much fun and Little Leo was showered with so many wonderful gifts. We are so appreciative to everyone who is helping us out with our new addition to our family.

Well more weeks have gone by and I’ve grown bigger and bigger. I’m now in the 3rd trimester, I’m 33 weeks along (about 8 months along) and I can’t wait for him to come! We got to take maternity pictures a couple weeks ago and LOVE them. Thank you Karyann Hoopes Photography ( for taking them! We have slowly been getting ready and decorating his room and getting everything to be perfect for him.

Medina maternity no kh-8569medina maternity-8583(1)

As happy as I am and excited for Leonardo to come and being pregnant, it has been hard. I’m pretty open about my pregnancy…if people ask. A lot of the time though, I just say I’m fine or that everything’s good, when in reality that’s usually not the case. I have been blessed and lucky to have such a healthy baby and that there haven’t been any complications. I sincerely respect woman who have gone through so much and are still so strong and happy – I strive to be like you. Leonardo is always moving and is an upbeat fella, but it doesn’t mean that I’m feeling the same way. I still have nausea like I was saying before. I was sick at one point for a month with bronchitis. I am sick right now (hopefully getting better) with a flu or cold or something. I can’t keep things down. It’s HARD guys! People say pregnancy is this amazing thing and it is. You’re creating a living human being inside of you and nothing can be more miraculous than that, but let’s be real. Pregnancy hurts, causes you to get purple stripes on your belly, you feel like a whale, you constantly tired yet you have to do so much still, you feet swell, you want all the food but can’t keep it down, you try to eat healthy but the only thing that looks good is a milkshake, and so much more I could keep going for a while! It’s hard to stay positive sometimes when your baby is laying on your sciatic nerve and hanging onto your ribs. But you know what? We go on anyway because we are creating life and there’s nothing more amazing than that! I am creating my son inside on me and he will come out in the most excruciating way possible, but he’s mine and I couldn’t have asked for it any other way.

Sorry for any TMI or too much truth, but it needed to be said and it’s been on my mind lately. I love you guys! Let me know in the comments things you’ve had on your mind about your pregnancy!



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