Hi! My name is Chelsie Medina and this is my blog – 7th Street Lips! Why is it named that? Because I thought it was a sweet reminder of the street we live on and the first place my husband and I lived as a married couple. Sure we will move in a couple years and not live on 7th Street anymore, but it will still hold a special place in my heart and be a sweet reminder of memories.

I’m from Buckeye, Arizona – the Phoenix area – and have lived there most of my life, so I call it home. I now live in Rexburg, Idaho while my husband – Jeffrey Medina – goes to school for his undergrad degree in Biology to later go to Pharmacy school to become a Pharmacist. We’re not sure where we’ll live once he goes to Pharmacy school, as it depends on where he gets accepted to. But all I can say is that I am happy no matter where I live, as long as it’s with my little family!

Speaking of my little family…I am married to Jeffrey Medina and were married on June 13th, 2015. We are expecting our first, Leonardo Jay Medina, on June 12th – I know…the day before our anniversary, right?! We couldn’t be more excited!

I enjoy sewing and all things crafty/diy. Here is going to be my outlet where I’ll share with you guys my most recent projects and my life. I can’t wait to get to know you guys! Feel free to contact me at anytime!

Love you!